On this site are the DJ dance music original works, and uploaded to the site for free online audition, voluntarily for DJ and its subordinate company has the ownership. Most of the songs on QingFeng DJ music have authorization. But as part of the music from the Internet users uploaded or uploaded from the search engines, this site does not audit. Due to the asymmetry of information, we are to build a library of copyright is clear, that are certain difficulty, so this site also reiterate here, if any third party claims to be the copyright owner of any music works, please contact us in time. We will do everything we can to ensure people exercise their rights of copyright in the largest scope, protect the legitimate interests of the copyright owner.

      QingFeng DJ music sincerely recognize that intellectual property is the important wealth of human society, we are willing to work with all the holders of the music work together, hoping net friends have better and health awareness of the need for respecting for the authors and support original properties.