About us
      Vvvdj was created in 2002, then established in operations management as the company in 2011 (KaiPing QingFeng network technology co., LTD.)  We are a professional DJ information site, is also the earlier domestic open station’s dance music audition information website, this website brings together various types of dance music, such as the scene dance, Chinese dance, hip-hop, R&B, music China.  There are detail instructions from listening to dance music to professional production, spun from the DJ skills to post-production.


      The  Vvvdj is the domestic well-known professional DJ website, its DJ cooperation partners in major cities throughout the country. The Vvvdj has broad DJ dance music and fan support, perfect service system, to promote domestic spread dance music and dance trendsetter, visit this site can not only make you appreciate domestic DJ culture development and change, also, VwDJ music network can brings you more fun to your work, life and learning.


      Thank you for your concern and support on the  Vvvdj for years, your support make us continues to grow! We will work hard to create and explore the domestic original personal Dj dance music, use of network advantages, dedicate update and more dance music, to provide more services for you!


      The  Vvvdj in order to “provide the best and latest hi and the most flattering dance music to the broad masses of netizens”, to “promote domestic dance music culture development”as its mission, will continue to explore and improve ourselves, keep promise, provide favorable to customers, hope to cooperate with you into the networked and the digital DJ’s new life.